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Just click on the names in teal for a photo and once on that dog's page, click on the "call name" for a pedigree.


Eric's Amber of Wildridge CDX

Salyran Ducatís Folly CDX

    GRCA Outstanding Dam of:

    CH Gold Ducatís Tassie Mae

        dam of

        Lycinanís Ducat Cassiopea CDX

    CH Ducat Lycinanís Voodoo Doll CD

    CH Ducatís Blueberry Muffin

    CH Ducatís Klassic Amber

    CH Ducat Rimrac Harvest Gold

        dam of

        CH Ducatís Maxwell McBennett

    CH Gold Ducatís Happenstance

        dam of

        CH Ducatís MWM of Krishna

        Ducat-Krishna Legacy of Lobi CDX

        Ducatís Ruffian CD

        Krishna N' Ducat's Katchureye (8 pts/1 maj)

        Ducat-Lobi-Tatumís Hot Shot 

            GRCA Outstanding Dam of

            CH Ducatís Fortune in Gold CDX SH WC VCX

                dam of:

                CH Sheffield-Ducatís Spellbound SDHF OS

                CH Sheffield-Ducatís Suspicion JH

                Ducat-Sheffield NXNW CD

            CH Ducat-Seasonís Mr. Lucky

            Ducat's Fortune Teller JH

            Ducatís Wheel of Fortune (5 pts)

                GRCA Outstanding Dam of

                CH Ducatís Love Me Two Times Tex

                CH Ducat Watcherís Calamity Jane CD JH AX AXJ VCX 

                Ducatís Whispers (Major Pointed)

                Ducat Brytlea Winter Moon AX OAJ

            Ducat's Lasting Impression OA OAJ AXP AJP 

                Ducat Jaysha Watermark Gabby

        Ducat-Lobiís Crown Jewel

            GRCA Outstanding Dam of:

            CH Goldenz Angel of Camelot

                 dam of

                 CH Goldenz Ducat Dolly Madison

                 CH Goldenz Ducat Donde De Vien

            CH Ducat-Goldenz Sunset Cowboy SDHF

                  sire of:

                  CH Lobi-Tatum Ducat Sunset Moll

                        GRCA Outstanding Dam of:

                        CH Sunset-Ducat Seminole Gold

                        CH Ducat-Sunset Comanche Scout

                        CH Sunset-Ducat Chippewa Cosmos CD JH WC VC

                        Ducat-Sunset Arapaho Annie CD

                   MACH Sir Nic's Maya Sun UDX WC

            CH Ducat-Goldenz Maple Leaf

            CH Ducat Jacobiís Wins-A-Ton

            CH Ducat-Goldenz Sonoma Upfront

            CH Goldenz-Ducat-Sonoma Upstart

            Ducat Goldenz Sonoma Uptoit (12 pts/1 maj)

            Ducat Goldenz Sonoma Tejas Up (12 pts/1 maj)

            Goldenz Amaziní Grace CD

                dam of:

                CH Ducat-Goldenz Oliver CD

                CH Ducat Watermark The Tempest CD NA OAJ WC VCX

                    dam of:

                    CH Ducat Watermark MWM The Ravín

                    CH Ducat Watermarkís Jaysha Girl

                    CH Ducat Watermarkís Taboo

                    Ducat Watermark Trvl Pursuit CDX

                Ducat-Goldnz Mezur-for-Mezur JH WC

                    sire of:

                    CH Watermarkís Regal Cowboy CD JH SDHF

                    Watermarkís Indian Scout SH

                    Watermark Ducatís Zenith (12 pts/1 maj)

                          dam of:

                          CH Ducat-Watermark Cabin Fever

                          Ducat Watermark's Indy Five G AXJ OA
                          dam of:

                              Am/Can CH Ducat-Watermark G Force                   

                              Ducat Watermark River Seanan NAP AJP P2J NCC OJC TN-O

                              Can Ch Ducat Watermark Redog's Sage

                              CH Ducat Watermark's Homebrew 

                              dam of:

                              CH Ducat Watermark's Thnkful 4 Teddy Bear

                        Ducat Wtrmrk Itz Allabout Me (2 Canadian points)

                              dam of:

                                   Ducat Watermark P.O.C. Bay Belle JH

                                   Ducat Watermark Heads Above The Rest (pointed)

                                   Watermark Ducat's Head Of The Class 

                     Lycinan Ducat Charlotte CD TD

                Ducat-Goldenz Twelfth Knight JH WC

                Ducat-Goldenz All That Jazz CD JH WC

                Ducat MWMís Risky Business

                    dam of:

                    Ducat-Seasons Made U Look
                    CH Ducat-Seasns Brtlea U Go Grl

                    dam of:

                    CH Ducat Brytlea Arielle (3 SDHF points)

                    CH Brytlea Ducat's St. Pauli Girl 

                    Ducat Brytlea Light Up The Knight

Ducat Sonoma's Clean Run NA AXJ OD   

    GRCA Outstanding Dam of:

    Ducat's Second Wind CDX RE RAE

    Ducat's Flying Finish (pointed from puppy class)

    CH Ducat's Decider 

    CH Ducat's Tender Is The Night NAC NAP NJC TGN

    CH/Int'l CH Ducat's Rock Me On The Water NAP NJP CGC (6 SDHF points)

     Ducat MWM Colors Of The Sun  (9 points)

     Ducat 24K Instant Impression (pointed)

Absolut Ducat Watermark Decaf AX AXJ OJP OAP

     Sire of:

     CH Ducat Brytlea Arielle OD

         GRCA Outstanding Dam of:

         CH Ducat Brytlea Kidnapped
       CH Brytlea Ducat Juscoz Triple Scoop RN CDX NAP NJP

       Brytlea Ducat's Gilt Trip (pointed)
       CH Brytlea Ducat's Psychedelic Trip 

         CH Ducat Brytlea Dogwood Nicholas Nickelby

         CH Ducat Brytlea's Oliver

         CH Ducat Brytlea's Pickwick Papers

         CH Ducat Watermark Brtlea's The Cricket On The Hearth

         Ducat Brytlea Juscoz Curiosity Shop (major pointed)

      Ducat's Daphne
          dam of:

          GrCh Ducat's Breaking All The Rules CDX


Some other influential dogs:

Lycinan Tejas Mesquite CDX